Tourists left stunned after facing £510 bill for two drinks and snack at Greek restaurant | Travel News | Travel

We all know of the ‘added tax’ tourists may receive on holiday, however, one mum and her 19-year-old daughter say they had only ordered two cocktails and a portion of crab legs. After finishing their meal, while lounging in some deckchairs for a few hours, they received the bill. But when the bill came it showed they were being charged €520 (£442.46) with a €78 (£66.37) tip.

Complaining about the hefty bill, The Sun reported that the woman told her travel agent: “We spent a beautiful day at the beach but please, warn your future customers that the restaurant-bar we visited, charged us €600 for two cocktails and a portion of crab legs.

“While we knew that the bill would not exceed €200, suddenly they asked us to pay €600!”

They refused to pay the eye-watering bill, claiming they were then blocked from leaving by male staff members at the restaurant.

She added that they did use the deckchairs for three hours but didn’t understand how it could have cost so much for ordering so little food and drinks.

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It is also advisable to check the restaurant’s website and social media channels to avoid disappointment.

When it comes to paying in a restaurant, always check the bill carefully.

Also, be sure that you know the tipping culture, such as whether the tip is included in the bill or not.

If you are paying with a credit card, then for security reasons, never let the waiter/waitress take the card away from the table with them.

If they need to take the card over to a card reader by the till, then be sure to go with them, so that you can see the transaction take place with your own eyes.

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