Airports urge school holiday travellers to plan ahead, with millions expected to fly interstate in July

Authorities are warning people to plan their travels ahead of time as millions stream into airports for the winter school holidays kick off in Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory. Airports across Australia are expected to be the busiest they’ve been since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. It all comes as the industry scrambles … Read more

NJ Transit suspends train service for night amid ‘illegal’ union sickout

New Jersey Transit suspended rail service into and out of New York City on Friday night after members of the locomotive engineers’ union called out sick en masse to protest a lack of holiday pay on Juneteenth. Nearly 80 New Jersey transit trains were canceled in what officials called an “illegal job action” — sending … Read more

MTA losing $119M and counting to fare evasion, officials say

Soaring fare evasion on subways and buses cost the MTA $119 million in the first three months of the year, according to new statistics — and officials want transit workers to help them rein in the costly problem. A memo sent to city bus drivers on Friday urged them to “politely state the fare” to … Read more

Super cheap train between Toronto and Niagara Falls starts running next weekend

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and GO Transit is gearing up to launch its annual $10 unlimited weekend travel passes between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Summer really is the best season – especially for those who want to explore more of Ontario without spending a lot of money. As previously … Read more

MTA bus drivers can no longer open back doors due to fare evasion

The MTA is ordering its bus drivers not to automatically open their vehicles’ rear and center doors for customers — to try to thwart free-loading scofflaws, The Post has learned. “Effective immediately, to deter fare evasion,” agency drivers cannot “use the rear door toggle switch to open the rear/center automatically, unless it is necessary due … Read more