WHO says Monkeypox not a current serious threat

Monkeypox may be spreading across dozens of nations, but doesn’t qualify as a global health emergency yet, the World Health Organization said Saturday. However, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said monkeypox was evolving rapidly and advised governments around the world to increase their surveillance, contact tracing and testing, CNBC reported. He also urged world … Read more

Covid-19 vaccine: What to consider for kids under 5?

CNN — Parents of children under age 5 can finally get their children the coronavirus vaccine. The US Food and Drug Administration and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have given the green light for both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for young kids. Now, everyone ages 6 months and older is eligible for … Read more

Holding your pen can indicate risk of Alzheimer’s: researchers

How you hold a pen could indicate your risk of Alzheimer’s — the biggest killer in the UK, a study has found. Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, causes a person to slowly lose their memory and ability to carry out daily tasks. It progresses over many years and therefore can be difficult to … Read more

Xi Jinping leaves mainland China for the first time since the beginning of pandemic

CNN — Chinese leader Xi Jinping has left mainland China for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, arriving in Hong Kong Thursday ahead of the 25th anniversary of the city’s handover from British to Chinese rule. Xi is expected to spend two days in the financial hub and attend a series of … Read more

Afghanistan earthquake: health official warns of disease outbreaks among earthquake survivors

Thousands affected by a deadly earthquake in eastern Afghanistan are in need of clean water and food and are at risk of disease, an Afghan health ministry official said on Sunday, days after a United Nations agency warned of a cholera outbreak in the region. At least 1,000 people were killed, 2,000 injured and 10,000 … Read more

Interim Analysis of Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Etiology in Children Aged 10 Years — United States, October 2021–June 2022

Jordan Cates, PhD1,*; Julia M. Baker, PhD1,2,*; Olivia Almendares, MSPH1; Anita K. Kambhampati, MPH1; Rachel M. Burke, PhD1; Neha Balachandran, MBBS1,3; Eleanor Burnett, MPH1; Caelin C. Potts, PhD1; Sarah Reagan-Steiner, MD4; Hannah L. Kirking, MD1; David Sugerman, MD1; Umesh D. Parashar, MD, MBBS1; Jacqueline E. Tate, PhD1; Hepatitis of Unknown Etiology Group (View author affiliations) … Read more

Monkeypox outbreak growing across Britain

LONDON — British officials said the monkeypox outbreak in the UK is growing across the country, mainly among men who are gay or bisexual, or other men who have sex with men. They urged those with new or multiple sex partners to be vigilant for the symptoms of monkeypox. In a technical briefing released on … Read more

COVID vaccine saved 20 million lives in first year: report

The coronavirus pandemic could have been much worse without vaccines, according to a new study that claims the number of deaths recorded worldwide from the coronavirus would be more than triple than it is today. In the year after the vaccine was first introduced in December 2020, more than 4.3 billion people received an inoculation, … Read more

Birx describes a White House divided on COVID response

WASHINGTON — A lack of clear, concise and consistent messaging about the seriousness of the novel coronavirus in the earliest months of its spread created a false sense of security among Americans that the pandemic would not be serious and resulted in inaction early on across the federal government. That was the assessment of Dr. … Read more

Warning as mysterious STI strikes up to 1 in 16 women often with no warning signs

Experts are warning women of a stealthy STI that is often missed but strikes one in 16 in some parts of the United Kingdom. Trichomoniasis is more common than the well-known STI gonorrhea, experts found. But not only is it relatively unheard of, it is not always included in standard STI “checkups” at sexual health … Read more