3 children, mom found dead in Minnesota lake in “potential homicide,” officials say

The bodies of three children and their mother have been recovered from a lake just north of St. Paul, Minnesota. Authorities said they are now conducting a homicide investigation. On Friday at about 10:30 am local time, police were called to a reported suicide in the town of Maplewood, a city just west of St. … Read more

Minnesota reports ‘concerning level’ of syphilis cases

Health officials in Minnesota say syphilis cases have risen “sharply” since last year, putting Minnesota at a “concerning level.” According to an annual report of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV data from the Minnesota Department of Health, syphilis cases jumped 33% from 2020 to 2021. The increase mirrors a national increase, health officials said. In … Read more

Stunning Jupiter storm photographs can be analyzed by citizens in new scientific project

Stunning Jupiter storm photographs can be analyzed by citizens in new scientific project A new project empowers citizens to identify the composition of Jupiter’s storms Scientists have long sought to understand the ‘vortices’ forming in the clouds of these storms Jupiter more than 467 million miles from Earth and its atmosphere is composed of hydrogen … Read more

Sun Country sorry for Vancouver to MSP flight debacle

Sun Country Airlines is apologizing after 40 passengers were left stranded in Vancouver after the airline announced multiple delays and cancellations for the flight’s return to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The flight was originally scheduled to return from Vancouver to MSP on Saturday. The flight was canceled and rescheduled for Sunday, only to be canceled … Read more

Measles in Minnesota: Child hospitalized and second isolating at home

Measles in Minnesota: Child hospitalized and second isolating at home after testing positive for disease that is most dangerous in under-5s Youngsters started suffering symptoms of measles shortly after returning from a country where the disease ‘is common’ Neither had been vaccinated against the disease and both lived in Hennepin county which encompasses the state … Read more

full results from Alabama, Arkansas, Texas & more

Incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia is projected to survive a primary challenge by former Sen. David Perdue, who received former President Donald Trump’s biggest endorsement and the most financial help he’s given to any candidate so far. Trump-backed candidates appeared to be founding Tuesday night in Georgia, although his preferred Senate candidate, Herschel … Read more

Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas runoff and Minnesota special election primary results

No state has felt former President Donald Trump’s wrath over the 2020 election more than Georgia, where he is trying to oust the incumbents in statewide office who certified that President Joe Biden won the state. Trump has set his sights on Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in particular. In an … Read more

Expert warns that the prevalence of ticks in America is growing

The number of ticks – and by virtue tick bites – has increased in recent years, one top expert warns, but Americans can protect themselves from the pests this summer with a few simple steps. Dr Jon Oliver, an entomologist at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, told DailyMail.com that millions of Americans are bit … Read more