Hippocrates Did WHAT to Treat Hemorrhoids?

Did you know that more than half of all people will have to deal with hemorrhoids at least once in their life? Although hemorrhoids are an issue no one looks forward to dealing with, if you ever find yourself addressing that pesky condition, be VERY glad you are not living in ancient Greece with the … Read more

Covid Shots for Little Kids Are Finally Here. Now for the Hardest Part

In some pediatric practices, shots are already going into arms. Children’s Medical Group, a private practice in Atlanta, ordered doses as soon as it was allowed and received a first shipment on Monday, the Juneteenth holiday. They began vaccinating at lunchtime. “We’ve had huge demand,” says Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician in practice and editor for … Read more

A new weight-loss drug could be an obesity game-changer for Louisiana. But what will it cost? | Health care/Hospitals

When thousands of health care providers and scientists gathered earlier this month at a diabetes conference in New Orleans, one particular session stood out. Researchers described a new drug that could help someone lose more than 20% of their body weight, amounting to an average loss of 52 pounds over a year and a half. … Read more

400K bottles of medication from Kroger, Walgreens recalled: What to know

Hundreds of thousands of bottles of over-the-counter medications sold at Kroger and Walgreens are being recalled because of unsafe packaging. Here’s a breakdown of the four different recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Product Name: Kroger Aspirin, 300 count bottles and Ibuprofen, 160 count bottles This recall involves the Kroger brand aspirin and ibuprofen … Read more

Experimental Transplant Procedure Allows 3 Kids to Live Without Immune-Suppressing Drugs

picture: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Doctors appear to have found a way for some organ transplant recipients to avoid lifelong immune-suppressing drugs. In new research this week, they detail how three children with a rare genetic condition were given a dual bone marrow and kidney transplant in hopes of completely avoiding immune rejection. And up to three … Read more

Saints’ Marcus Davenport reveals why he arrived at minicamp with an amputated finger | Saints

Earlier this week, New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen said defensive end Marcus Davenport was not on the field because he was rehabilitating a shoulder and finger. While that was accurate, it didn’t really tell the whole story. Davenport told the rest of the story when he flashed his bandaged left hand in the locker … Read more

What to Do If You Think Your Partner Has Borderline Personality Disorder

illustration: Angelica Alzona Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental disorder that affects the way you perceive yourself and others. Those with BPD can have difficulty regulating their emotions, face issues with self image, and experience a pattern of unstable relationships. At the core of the disorder is an intense fear of abandonment, which can … Read more

I ignored a lump on my face — then was diagnosed with incurable lymphoma

A woman is urging people to be vigilant with their health after she discovered a bump on her face was actually an incurable lymphoma. Melea Patton shared her story on TikTok, saying she had noticed the “large bump” on her face more than a year ago but didn’t have health insurance, so she didn’t see … Read more

Breakthrough vaccine could help cure pancreatic cancer

A new vaccine using the same mRNA technology as the Pfizer jab against COVID-19 could be a breakthrough in the fight against pancreatic cancer. In a promising early study conducted by German company BioNTech — which partnered with Pfizer to develop the lifesaving COVID shot — half of the patients remained cancer-free 18 months after … Read more

Remarkable Drug Trial Ends With All 18 Patients Cancer-Free

picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/Cancer Research UK) (Getty Images) A cancer treatment has shown amazing results in a small clinical trial. All of the treated patients, who had a specific form of mid-stage rectal cancer, have since experienced complete remission. Although the findings are based on a sample size of just 18 people, they could hold … Read more