Airports urge school holiday travellers to plan ahead, with millions expected to fly interstate in July

Authorities are warning people to plan their travels ahead of time as millions stream into airports for the winter school holidays kick off in Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory. Airports across Australia are expected to be the busiest they’ve been since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. It all comes as the industry scrambles … Read more

Europe Braces for a Chaotic Summer With Massive Delays and Disruptions

It’s not looking good. Travel in Europe has become a nightmare. Last month, the queues outside Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport were so long that KLM halted ticket bookings for four days. In the UK, hundreds of daily flights have been delayed and canceled, and social media is abuzz with pictures of snaking lines at British airports. … Read more

This is what the Toronto airport looked like this week as brutal waits continue

As eager as you may be to travel now that things are relatively back to normal after years of restrictions, you might want to put off trip plans to later in the summer in the hopes that by then, Toronto Pearson International Airport will no longer be the absolutely overloaded mess that it currently is. … Read more

People are panicking about missing connecting flights due to delays at Toronto airport

If you haven’t personally encountered it first-hand as a traveler, you’ve likely heard of the exasperating mayhem that Toronto’s Pearson Airport has become lately. Though air travel is not ever exactly a joy, getting through the hub has been worse than usual lately amid security and airline staffing shortages, and increased demand butting against flight … Read more

Passengers are complaining of brutally long lines and delays at Toronto’s Pearson Airport

Travelers have returned to Toronto Pearson International Airport in droves, with the spring travel season and recent easing of border restrictions triggering an en masse return to vacationing that means more delays and headaches at Canada’s busiest airport. Since the weekend, complaints have been flooding social media as passengers queue in long security lines at … Read more