Prince Harry, The Eco Traveller

I had a good laugh watching a video featuring Prince Harry promoting eco tourism in New Zealand. It’s a nice deflection from the constant barrage of negative news surrounding the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry Promotes Eco Tourism In Hilarious Video

The video is really quite humorous, with Prince Harry running into Aotearoa New Zealand Trip Raters, who provide feedback on a range of items including his respect of local culture, consumption of towels, and whether he leaves the tap on while brushing his teeth (which prompts a “how did you know that?” exchange from the Prince that I consider the funniest part of the video).

“You’re supposed to be rating Harry Stylie [Styles]. I’m rating the stylish Harry!”

Eco tourism is more than just tree huggers feeling good about themselves, but big business in 2022. There’s a great deal of money to be made in promoting green tourism as travelers seek to assuage their guilt for flying around the world in polluting aircraft. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in terms of nature and I hope both liberals and conservatives support reasonable efforts to conserve the resources of the beautiful world we are caretakers of.


Prince Harry is under a spotlight 24/7 and I tend to cut him more slack than so much of the American and British media. To under constant scrutiny from an obsessive media cannot be easy. Here, we see a nice break from the politics of Meghan Markle and fear the Queen’s Jubilee celebration will be overshadowed by the Sussexes. Kudos to the Prince for helping to promote small steps we can take for the benefit of our posterity.

(H/T: View From The Wing)

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