Does AirAsia X owe you money? You will get travel vouchers valid for 5 years within the next 3 months

AirAsia X (AAX), the medium to long-haul airline under Capital A, announced last month that it will be issuing travel vouchers to guests with outstanding credit as well as guests who didn’t get to use the RM499 unlimited pass. The airline has recently sent an email to affected guests informing them that the travel vouchers will be issued within the next 3 months.

According to the email, travel vouchers will be issued to all guests who have unused credits in their account as well as to those guests who are due to receive credits for their canceled flights. It added that the travel vouchers will represent the full value of the credits outstanding in the respective AirAsia Rewards member account, or due to them at the time of issuance. the travel vouchers will be valid for five years for the redemption of AAX services only which carry the flight code D7.

Passengers can use outstanding credit to book flights today

Before the vouchers are issued, the airline reaffirms its commitment to prioritize all passengers with outstanding credit, allowing them to make bookings for the recently relaunched AAX services utilizing their credit with immediate effect. Following the debt restructuring exercise, AAX has summarized flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney as well as to New Delhi and Seoul. It added that they are in the process of adding new services to all of their popular destinations in the near future.

For affected guests who wish to travel now but have not yet received their credits in their AirAsia account, you are urged to contact AAX by email at aaxrestructuring [@] and provide your full name, AirAsia Rewards ID, Route and the unrefunded booking number. The airlines say it will take 3 business days to process and guests without an AirAsia Rewards member must register a new account using the same email that’s used to book the flight.

T&C for AirAsia X Travel Voucher still unknown

According to the FAQ, the vouchers will represent the full value of the AAX credit outstanding and they will be issued automatically to eligible AAX guests within the next 3 months in your AirAsia Rewards member account.

Once you receive the vouchers, you can use them to book any AAX Malaysia flight (flight code D7) as usual and select “travel voucher” as the mode of payment on the payment page. This means you can’t use it to book domestic AirAsia flights within Malaysia or other flights operated by other airlines under the group including AirAsia Thailand and AirAsia Indonesia.

It explained that if the voucher exceeds the value of your flight booking, the unused credit will be retained in your account for your future use. If your voucher is less than the cost of the booking, you can just pay the extra price difference.

It isn’t clear if affected customers will receive the voucher in single or multiple denominations, or if there are other further restrictions on the usage. AAX said the travel voucher will be sent together with its terms and conditions directly to the registered AirAsia Rewards account.

Why is AirAsia X offering vouchers instead of a cash refund?

The FAQ also explained why AAX guests are getting a travel voucher instead of a cash refund. It said as outlined in the explanatory statement, the extension of any travel privileges further to the debt restructuring is at the discretion of AAX management. The vouchers allow for business efficacy and at the same time, provide travel benefits to their guests.

In addition to the travel vouchers received with full value, AirAsia said affected guests will also receive a one-off payment of 0.5% of their outstanding AAX flight booking (as per the amount due to Scheme Creditors on 30th June 2020). This will be provided on the first anniversary of the debt restructuring in March 2023. Guests may also receive a portion of AAX’s profits in the coming years subject to the terms outlined in the Explanatory Statement. The official FAQ has indicated that the profit-sharing mechanism will not be triggered if AAX’s EBITDAR is less than RM300 million for the financial years ending 2023-2026.

You can read the full FAQ on the AirAsia X Travel voucher here.

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