Derek Carr knows Raiders are ‘his football team’ despite Colin Kaepernick workout, Josh McDaniels says

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said he didn’t feel the need to give longtime starter Derek Carr a heads-up prior to Colin Kaepernick’s workout. After bringing in the 34-year-old free-agent quarterback for a workout Wednesday that reportedly impressed the Raiders, the coach stressed that the … Read more

New Biodegradable Pacemaker Jumpstarts Heart Before Dissolving in the Body

Fun fact: Your heart doesn’t need a brain, or a body for that matter, to beat. That’s because it has its own electrical system independent of your nervous system. However, the heart’s beating can go haywire in certain medical conditions. This is where pacemakers come in. These devices are typically hooked up to the heart … Read more

Howard Marks explains how to avoid crashes by learning to recognize signs of bull-market excess

Oaktree Capital founder Howard Marks is a boldfaced name on Wall Street, equally well known for his firm’s performance as for his lengthy investor letters that he periodically publishes free online to reach the widest possible audience. As stocks plunged earlier this month, Marks — who built one of the most successful distressed-debt funds in … Read more

Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano lists mansion for $20M

Jennifer Lawrence played her in the 2015 film “Joy,” but now’s your best chance to live like the real Joy Mangano. Mangano, the 66-year-old inventor who’s best known as the mastermind behind the self-wringing Miracle Mop — and, of course, for inspiring that movie, for which Lawrence received an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe … Read more

Warriors’ Steve Kerr calls for more action against gun violence after impassioned plea

Steve Kerr said he didn’t want action against gun violence to end after his impassioned plea in Dallas following the mass school shooting in Uvalde. “I have lots of friends who are Democrats and lots of friends who are Republicans,” Kerr said before Game 5 of the Western Conference finals against the Mavericks. “All I … Read more

Singaporean man terrorizes neighbors day and night for 11 years by banging on apartment walls

Residents at an apartment complex in Hougang, Singapore, are being terrorized by a neighbor who has been incessantly banging on his apartment walls for 11 years. The 41-year-old man has been reported to the police and the Housing Development Board (HDB) multiple times to no avail. His next-door neighbor of him created a TikTok account … Read more

Tennis has anger-management problem, and it’s getting worse

Placeholder while article actions load PARIS — On an obscure court at Roland Garros, in a women’s singles match that drew scant attention, 63rd-ranked Irina-Camelia Begu thrust herself into the global spotlight as the latest example of the ugly, potentially injurious on-court outbursts plaguing pro tennis in recent months. Irked over losing her serve in … Read more

Scientists Want To Open 830-Million-Year-Old Crystal With Potential Life Inside

scientists recently announced the tantalizing discovery of ancient prokaryotic and algal cells – which may potentially still be alive – inside an 830-million-year-old rock salt crystal. Now, the researchers have spoken a little bit more about their recent study and suggested they have plans to crack open the crystal in the hope of revealing whether … Read more